About Jorge Candeias

About Jorge Candeias

Jorge Candeias is a Technical Consultant and FOSS Contributor from Lisbon, Portugal.

After working with several clients in his hometown, Jorge moved to London, United Kingdom, in search of ever bigger problems to fix.

Jorge now now helps clients research and develop scalable and high-performing business solutions on the .NET platform, with technologies such as Microsoft Orleans, Akka.NET, ASP.NET, Trill, ML.NET, SQL Server and of course, the Azure cloud computing platform, as his tools of trade.

As hobbies, Jorge authors this blog, researches new ways of cooking the perfect Ramen without going broke, and tries not to suck too much at Tango. He also tries not to wipe the raid too early in FFXIV but that’s another story.

Jorge also finds writing himself in the third-person both silly and amusing.

Thank You for reading!